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Increase Revenue

Custom business apps developed by ProFit-Gen are designed to add an online revenue stream with no limits.

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Build An Online Community

Your custom app can become you own social media network with a member login. Building an online community will help generate a long term sustainable income.

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Pandemic Proof Business

In situations like pandemics or travel restrictions, having an online revenue stream can offer a pandemic proof business opportunity.


Payment Integration



Sell Resources & Products

Admin Panel and Analytics

User Management

User Engagement

Content & Layout Editing


Push Notifications, In-App Messenger and Forums are designed to build a thriving in-app community.

Bookings & Appointments

Your customers can easily book and schedule appointments with you through our bookings feature.


PayPal, Canva, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Social Media, YouTube, Zoom, Shopify, Woocommerce and much more.


App Development Process

Number 1

Decide which package you would like for your online business.

Number 2

Once you have made payment, we will send you a custom app development form for you to complete.

Number 3

As soon as we receive your form, we will get to work on your app. We will strive to complete your app within a 2 week period.

Number 4

We will link you with your app admin dashboard as soon as possible.

Number 5

Unlimited reviews are given until you are happy with your app.


Colin Lee Berry

ProFit-Gen Apps Director

Colin's fascination with technology ignited in his formative years, a spark that endured through his two-decade career as a personal trainer and coach. Throughout his extensive experience, he honed a profound interest in leveraging technology to enhance coaching outcomes. Yet, by 2019, Colin found himself vexed by the dearth of suitable applications to streamline his business operations.

Motivated by this frustration, Colin delved into the realm of app design. Armed with newfound skills and determination, he established ProFit-Gen Apps in a quest to empower entrepreneurs. The company's mission: to democratize access to cutting-edge, custom-designed applications, enabling individuals to cultivate thriving online enterprises without exorbitant costs.

Our Happy Customers

Sell My Gym

Barketplace UK

Teacher Tutors UK

Moving More

11+ English Hub

Our Packages

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Basic App

  • App created (including layout and branding)
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Users
  • 24/7 Support
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • All app features
  • Cancel Anytime
  • No Refund Policy/Unlimited Reviews
  • +£50 per month maintenance and support

£699 GBP

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Pro App

  • App created (including layout, branding and content)
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Users
  • 24/7 Support
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • All app features
  • Cancel Anytime
  • No Refund Policy/Unlimited Reviews
  • +£50 per month maintenance and support


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Bespoke App

Are you looking for something more bespoke? We offer custom-designed apps tailored precisely to your business and customer needs. From consultation to deployment, we ensure every feature aligns seamlessly with your brand, enhancing user experience and maximising business potential.


ProFit-Gen ​Lead Platform

Run & Automate Your Business

✅ Earn More Money: Maximise your profits ​with our seamless lead generation and ​management system.

✅ Free Up 5-10 Hours a Week: Let ProFit-Gen ​handle the tedious tasks so you can focus on ​what matters most.

✅ Never Miss a Lead Again: Our platform ​ensures you capture and nurture every lead, ​boosting your conversion rates.

What ProFit-Gen Offers:

🌐 Website/Landing Page Development: ​Professional and high-converting pages tailored ​to your business.

📈 In-Built Marketing Tools: No need for ​multiple costly tools – we've got everything you ​need in one place.

🔄 Automatic Lead Chasing: Follow up with ​leads automatically, ensuring no opportunity ​slips through the cracks.

💳 Payment Collection: Built-in tools to easily ​collect payments, hassle-free.

📅 Appointment Scheduling: Simplify your ​booking process with our integrated scheduler.

📊 Analytics Tracking: Gain insights into your ​business performance with our comprehensive ​analytics.

Mobile App Development

Don't let lead generation be a bottleneck for ​your business success. With ProFit-Gen, you'll ​have more time to focus on growing your ​business while we handle the rest. 🌟

👉 Ready to transform your business? Click ​the link to learn more and get started today!



Transform Your Business with ProFit-Gen

In today's competitive market, efficiency ​and productivity are crucial. The ProFit-​Gen Lead Platform saves your business ​time and money by automating essential ​processes, ensuring you never miss an ​opportunity. Here’s how ProFit-Gen can ​streamline your operations and boost your ​bottom line.

Automate Lead Management

ProFit-Gen automates your lead handling, ​even while you sleep. Wake up to new ​leads already booked and ready to go. With ​our platform, you can:

Capture Leads Automatically: No more ​manual data entry. ProFit-Gen captures ​and stores lead information seamlessly.

Instantly Schedule Appointments: ​Automatically schedule new leads for ​consultations or meetings.

Effortlessly Nurture Leads: Automated ​follow-ups keep leads engaged and ​moving through your sales funnel.

addicted to the social media


At ProFit-Gen, our social media management ​services are designed to elevate your brand’s ​online presence and drive engagement. We ​specialise in crafting tailored strategies that ​resonate with your target audience, leveraging ​the latest trends and analytics to maximise ​reach and impact. From content creation and ​scheduling to community engagement and ​performance tracking, our dedicated team ​ensures your social media channels are vibrant, ​relevant, and results-driven. Let us handle your ​social media, so you can focus on growing your ​business.

Our Packages

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  • 3 posts per week ​on up to two ​social platforms
  • Choose between ​posts on ​Facebook, ​LinkedIn, X, and I​nstagram
  • C​ustom graphic d​esign
  • D​edicated a​ccount manager w​ith email and W​hatsApp s​upport
  • M​onthly rolling p​lan with no c​ontract

£299 per ​month

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  • Daily posts on ​two networks ​(Choose between ​Facebook, ​LinkedIn, Google ​My Business and ​X)
  • Weekday posts ​(5/week) on ​Instagram
  • Custom graphic ​design
  • Dedicated ​account manager ​with email and ​WhatsApp ​support
  • Monthly rolling ​plan with no ​contract

£499 per ​month

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  • Daily posts on up ​to four networks: ​Facebook, ​LinkedIn, GMB, X, ​and Instagram ​(7/week)
  • Custom graphic ​design
  • 2 hours of ​community ​engagement/ ​month
  • Dedicated ​account manager ​with email and ​WhatsApp ​support
  • Monthly rolling ​plan with no ​contract